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StarWest - Testing & Quality Leadership Summit

Of all the sessions at the StarWest 2012 conference, the Testing & Quality Leadership Summit is my favorite.  It is an all-day bonus session with scheduled talks, networking exercises, and lunch intertwined.  The theme for this leadership summit was, As a Leader, What is Keeping You Up at Night?  For the purpose of this blog, I separated the summit activities into four groups.

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StarWest - Randy Rice

At StarWest 2012, I had the honor of meeting Randy Rice. His half-day tutorial, "Free and Cheap Test Tools,” was awesome, to say the least. He discussed a large variety of free and valuable tools—most unfamiliar to consultants. He also presented an in-depth demo of soapUI and gave important insights.

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StarWest - Dorothy Graham

I enjoyed meeting Dorothy Graham at StarWest...I'm a big fan...and highly recommend her full-day tutorial entitled, “Managing Successful Test Automation.” I was impressed with her ability to keep things simple and easy to digest.

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