Tool Selection

There are many available testing tools.  Choosing your best option can be perplexing given the variety in quality, price, maintenance costs, difficulty of use, and support.  Your ideal tool needs to match what you do and how you do it.

Each testing tool has positive features, but can also have undesirable drawbacks. We use a customized process to determine which tool best resolves your problem and will meet your future business needs.  Afterwards, we use your results, plus a proof of concept to develop a list of pros and cons for each recommendation.  We want you to consider all the facts before making a purchase.

 Choose a Tool That Meets Your Needs

Whether you require a manual testing tool or a tool for functional automation, we will help you choose a product that reflects your business goals.  You should not have to change your business to fit the tool; the tool should fit your business.

At Solution Maniacs, we ensure your test tools are chosen with you, based on what’s best for you.

If required, we can extend a tool’s capabilities or add to it with free or open source products.  Some free tools are excellent and can be used either individually or accompanying others.

 Test Tool Trials

For clients who would like to try out a tool before making a major commitment, we suggest test tool trials.  A trial run helps avoid wasting time or money for a product that won’t work for you. We can then assist you to decide if the tool meets with your successful testing criteria.

 You Will Have the Right Tool

When choosing a test tool, proper planning and analysis are critical.

It is important to assess:

  • What is your budget?
  • What specific problems exist?
  • What testing procedures are done repeatedly?
  • What testing is not being done?
  • What software applications require testing?
  • What type of system environment do you have?
  • What are your testing staff capabilities?
  • Can the tool be used in other company departments?
  • Do you need a tool to reduce manual testing?

We work with your goals to address any and all issues. Please see our tools of the maniac list to see how we help our clients.