The Maniac Advantage

 Your Requirements Are Our Priority

Your project requirements and business goals are the foundation of efficient systems. Solution Maniacs is completely tool agnostic and vendor neutral which allows you to receive unbiased professional advice. 

Neutrality also means we avoid relying solely on third party tool driven test design or pre-made reports for analysis. 

 You Work Directly With Us

You will have an independent partner and will not work with any third parties.  The person you initially speak with is the same person you will deal with throughout the entire process. There is no middle man or a commission-based sales person.

As your team player, we want you to know our expertise is current because we continue to learn new ideas and implement old ideas in innovative ways. If a second opinion is necessary, we have access to a network of experts to call on.

 You Won’t Have Complications With A Workforce With

  • Different time zones.
  • Dissimilar holiday schedules.
  • Unexpected travel costs.
  • Exchange rate charges.
  • Security uncertainties.
  • Communication or cultural barriers.

 Your Privacy Is Our Priority

Our client's privacy is guaranteed.  We do not use any information for media news, case studies, or research projects. Solution Maniacs respects user's privacy and does not disclose, sell, share or divulge any personal information, including email addresses, to third parties.

Wherever You Need Us, You Can Count On Us Being There

We can work either on-site or remotely with you as a trusted partner.  You can be positive you are getting a Solution Maniac, and not an independent contractor, every time.  We are neither an off-shore nor a near-shore consulting company. We never outsource because we don't need to.

You’ll save money working remotely with Solution Maniacs because remote contracts eliminate travel and accommodation expenses.  We guarantee there are no unexpected charges or hidden costs associated with employing us.