Functional Automation

It is 4 p.m. on Friday and your client calls to say they have found yet another bug.  You brace yourself against the thought of working another weekend, but your relationship is fragile.  You can't afford to lose this client!

 Sound Familiar

  • Are you always rushed to get your tests done on time? 
  • Is your team at each other's throats? 
  • Are you overworked and stressed out?
  • Are your test results still unreliable after application changes? 
  • Are you chasing false positives or false negatives?  
  • Are you confident your requirements are thoroughly tested? 
  • Do you have the capability to run daily tests?
  • Is there friction between you and your client?
  • Is your client losing confidence in your services? 
  • Are you about to lose a potential client due to substandard product quality?
  • Are software fiascoes affecting your credibility and is your business beginning to suffer?

 Why Use Automated Functional Testing

Let's face it:  manual testing is a fallible process.  Testing only leads to quality systems if it is done right the first time - and every time.  Unfortunately, struggling with testing challenges is intrinsic to multi-project and multi-technological environments.  Never ending new developments and updates complicate matters further.  We believe automation allows you to, "Test more with less."  Automation will make your testing process simple, accurate, and repeatable.

 Automation Technology

  • Improves test coverage and helps you find issues early.
  • Delivers major cost savings.
  • Enables 24/7 regression testing.
  • Avoids manual last minute time restricted checks.
  • Provides consistency and logic coverage.
  • Increases employee productivity.
  • Enables team to focus on manual only areas such exploratory testing.
  • Dramatically reduces time to market.
  • Significantly reduces risks.

 We Make Automation Easy

Many automation tools require extensive planning and are unsuccessful because they need high-maintenance and specialized skills to implement and manage. We offer a wide variety of automated testing tools and software frameworks with different maintenance requirements. Vendor neutrality allows us to recommend tools and products that are right for your company.

Solution Maniacs utilizes a meticulous testing process approach; these skills produce superior results for our clients. And these same skills are what we will teach you. We make automation easy. Once we understand what is needed from your business perspective, we go to work to empower you.

For more information, please see Automation Benefits.

You can get an automated functional test plan from Solution Maniacs that meets your business goals from a highly experienced development and testing company.

 We Are Here To Help You

Solution Maniacs excels at optimizing your testing process.  We can build unique, easy-to-understand automation frameworks based on your needs or we can assist you in choosing a pre-made option.  Our goal as your partner is to create a complete solution.