Automation Benefits

With Solution Maniacs’ testing services and automated testing tools, we are committed to making sure your applications achieve optimum testing phase performance with our reliable, repeatable and comprehensive process.  Our automated and customized solutions offer you a number of benefits.

Reduced Costs

  • Less manual testing hours are needed.
  • You can write scripts once, then reuse multiple times.
  • Tests can be run with larger data sets.
  • You can run scripts unattended.
  • You can use smoke tests to validate builds before testing.
  • Errors found early in the application lifecycle process cost less to resolve.
  • Less human errors occur.

 Reusable and Flexible Components

  • Automation enables the creation of method libraries and reusable components.
  • Application changes will require less effort to update. 
  • For example, if you have 100 test cases and they all require a login, you can create a reusable login component.  If the login procedure changes, only one component will need updating.
  • Automation artifacts are available for any applications testing.

 Faster Product and Service Releases

  • Shorter test cycles lead to faster releases.
  • Rapid feedback to developers.
  • Expanded test coverage means confident releases.
  • Frequent automated regression tests will verify/validate old functionality and allow your team to test new functionality.

 Focused and Motivated Test Team

  • Testers can focus on business problems and let automation handle mundane and repetitive testing.
  • Testers can concentrate on experimental testing and other non-automatable processes.
  • Pair-testing can be used to produce higher quality tests and encourage knowledge transfer.

 Interchangeable Team Resources

  • Members learn and utilize best practices.
  • Collaborative script reviews.
  • Build testing team uniformity; any team member can understand, fix or update another's work.
  • Testers learn and utilize developer skills.
  • Testers and developers become peers.

 Confidence In Future Testing Efforts

  • We simplify your situation and teach you what we did.
  • We supply you with a proven process to handle new and updated application testing.
  • We explain how to reuse our battle-tested components.
  • We build on the knowledge gained by previous automation efforts.
  • We leave you with the time, money and skills to move forward and be successful.