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Solution Maniacs Achieves Small Vendor Status On

Solution Maniacs, LLC, an Information Technology business offering performance testing, functional automation, and tool selection services, proudly announced today it is registered as a small business vendor on the Federal United States Government System for Award Management (SAM) database.

SAM is the federal procurement system used by federal contracting officers to streamline the process of finding superior small business vendors to work on government projects.  Solution Maniacs will be easily accessible to government buyers who require Quality Assurance lifecycle testing.   

The SAM designated goods and services specialties include software publishing, custom computer programming services, computer system design services, and professional and management development training services.

“We are excited about this great opportunity to provide world-class quality assurance expertise at the Federal level,” said company president Edward Leno. “Our passion for customized test automation strategies, combined with systematic programming and development methodologies, allows us to deliver long-term solutions.  We think big, but start small—details matter.  Quality matters.  Everything is documented, flexible, reusable and extensible.  The bottom line is a reliable end user experience. We intend to elevate test automation integrity for generations to come.”

About Solution Maniacs

Solution Maniacs is a global quality assurance consulting company that utilizes a vendor neutral, tool agnostic collaborative approach with technological platforms such as HP LoadRunner, HP Performance Center, HP Unified Functional Testing (QTP), Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Azure.  For further information, please visit or write to them at:  

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