Optimum Performance

Unanticipated system failures can negatively impact your customers and increase costs exponentially.  Solution Maniacs takes you through all the steps you'll need to achieve optimum performance.  We provide a time-tested, reliable and agnostic methodology developed by a seasoned developer/tester.

Solution Maniacs uses established best practices to concentrate on meeting your specific testing and performance needs.

 As Your Partner

  • We help ensure you have thoroughly tested and bench marked systems for reliability.
  • We recommend solutions for deploying and maintaining optimum performance.
  • We check to see if your application is executing in the defined time you need.
  • We provide insights and observations to enable you to lower costs and save implementation time.

 You Will Have a Proven Road Map

Because of our exceptional testing and development background, our ideas are unconstrained yet realistic.  We determine if what you think you are testing is what you actually are testing.  We explain and demonstrate how to optimize performance. 

Our proven road map will make you feel confident your performance requirements are being met.  You will be certain you can support all the users and throughput you are expecting.  You can rest assured your testing team and resources will adapt easily as your business demands change.

 Benefits Include

  • Review of your load test environment.
  • Review of your test plan.
  • Review of your available resources.
  • Evaluate load-testing capabilities to measure specific application performance.
  • Develop load-test baseline.
  • Create load-test scripts and scenarios.
  • Find out which tests to run and when.
  • Obtain an authentic idea of what issues are creating bottlenecks.  
  • Build a test system based on your specific needs.
  • Practical and reusable documentation.