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SQL Saturday #192

I attended SQL Saturday #192 (http://sqlsaturday.com/192/eventhome.aspx) on March 2, 2013 in Tampa, FL.  This year's event was moved to HCC (Hillsborough Community College) because the previous location was too small for the ever-growing number of attendees.  This new venue also allows for future expansion. 

The day was packed with a variety of SQL Server focused sessions ranging from Beginner to Advanced levels, presented in 8 tracks, with 3 sessions before and after lunch.  There was an interesting mix of new and seasoned speakers.  I chose the following sessions: 

  • SSIS Programming Using .NET
  • Reporting 101
  • Performance Tuning by Digging into the Plan Cache
  • Join Us!  Getting Started as a Technical Speaker
  • Free Tools for the DBA
  • Becoming a Data Professional – taking it to the next level

The turnout was great as always, with Pam Shaw as our fearless leader.

Jorge Novo (http://etldevelopernotes.blogspot.com) talked about SSIS programming in .NET.  He has fascinating ideas on automating SSIS development in .NET.  I could envision flexibility, enforced standards and time savings with a simple, wizard-like user interface.

Jorge had a slide with the words:  Get Familiar >> Get Experienced >> Achieve Mastery

Jonathan Kehayias (http://www.sqlskills.com/blogs/jonathan) discussed the Plan Cache.  The plan cache is used to identify and diagnose performance problems.  Jonathan highlighted a number of DMVs (Dynamic Management Views) to help query server state information:

  • sys.dm_exec_requests
  • sys.dm_exec_cached_plans
  • sys.dm_exec_query_stats
  • sys.dm_exec_query_plan
  • sys.dm_exec_text_query_plan

I also attended Jonathan’s talk on ‘Free Tools for the DBA’.  There are many free tools the DBA should have in their toolbox.

The day was full of learning, good food and plenty of discussion.  A big thanks to all the volunteers, speakers and sponsors for making SQL Saturday #192 a success! 

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