Performance Testing

Business and information systems must support customers. These systems may include thousands of users, a multitude of applications and complex architectures. They need to be reliable and available at all times; prompt responses to your customer's inquiries and demands are essential.

 How Confident Are You

  • That your performance requirements are being met?
  • Your applications will support your users and throughput?
  • That you are delivering the scalability, speed and robustness required? 
  • Your team and resources will adapt as business demands change?

 Successful Performance Test Results

Testing must be conducted before and after deployment to manage any risks.  Solution Maniacs helps you determine exactly where you are and what you need to do to be successful.

Performance testing is an ongoing process, from simple low-level concurrency tests to full system integration tests. After deployment, production metrics can be used to reflect actual usage. This will help mitigate risks and elevate your application performance confidence now, and in the future.

Our performance test management methods are designed to lower costs and save implementation time.  Make certain your systems run at optimum performance.

 Use Testing Tools to Guide Your Diagnoses

We work with you to determine which tool best serves your needs. Tools can be modified or manipulated to fit your requirements if necessary; however, we only make modifications if the tool is right for our client's needs We will teach you how to optimize your performance tool and understand its nuances.

We use your tool to:

  • Gauge end-to-end performance.
  • Diagnose and resolve application and/or system bottlenecks.
  • Fine tune your production environment.
  • Perform thorough script and scenario evaluations.

Learn more about how we work with you to determine which tools of the maniac best serve your business needs.