About Us

Our company is the visionary concept of Edward Leno, a senior systems engineer with over 20 years of programming and testing experience coupled with Quality Assurance (QA) expertise.

Our prime objective is to help you reach your quality assurance objectives.  As your consulting, testing and analysis partner, our responsibility is to save you time and money while motivating you to produce high quality results.  We have earned the reputation for being experts among our peers and clients.

 We Are Quality Assurance Technology Specialists

We are QA technology specialists who work with your technical staff to provide information and guidance for your business success.  Our priority is to start and remain focused on solving your problems, delivering solutions and ensuring you meet your business goals.

Although our work is primarily technical in nature, we are more than techs who design and implement. Our diverse background means you will have a consultant with a virtual repair kit containing tools for keeping your systems running at optimum performance.

While adhering to a consistent testing process, we aim to support you, reduce risks and increase your system’s efficiencies by exploiting automationWe will help you choose and use the right tool from our vendor-neutral tool list for all your testing needs.

 How We Can Help

  • We are committed to quality results through consensus building and cooperation.
  • You'll have a testing partner who wants to understand YOUR business goals. 
  • You'll learn about any risks immediately with diplomacy and urgency to protect you.
  • We have the programming know-how to dig a bit deeper and deliver bad news if necessary.
  • You’ll hear about the problem's source quickly; we are always working toward increasing your return on investment (ROI) and reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO).

To learn more about the Solution Maniac's approach, please visit our testing philosophy or your road to success.