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StarWest - Randy Rice

At StarWest 2012, I had the honor of meeting Randy Rice. His half-day tutorial, "Free and Cheap Test Tools,” was awesome, to say the least. He discussed a large variety of free and valuable tools—most unfamiliar to consultants. He also presented an in-depth demo of soapUI and gave important insights.

This guy knows his stuff. In a relaxed, friendly, and neutral manner, Randy explained how to incorporate free and open-source tools into organizations, and how to combine these tools to attain greater test speed and improved test coverage. Never pass up a chance to hear this man speak!

Randy is the founder, principal consultant, and trainer at Rice Consulting Services. To learn more, please visit his website, www.riceconsulting.com, where he publishes articles, newsletters, and other content about software testing and software quality, or his blog randallrice.blogspot.com.

From the StarWest 2012 notes, “Randy is a leading author, speaker, and consultant with more than thirty years of experience in the field of software testing and software quality, Randy Rice has worked with organizations worldwide to improve the quality of their information systems and optimize their testing processes. He is co-author (with William E. Perry) of Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing and Testing Dirty Systems. Randy is an officer of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB).

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