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13 Traveling Consultant Tips

  1. When flying, try to sit on the aisle.  Get up and walk around to improve circulation.
  2. Wear noise cancellation headphones to prevent hearing loss.
  3. To avoid jet-lag steer clear of alcohol and caffeine.
  4. To prevent dehydration, drink plenty of water on the airplane.
  5. When you first arrive, find a grocery store.  Purchase supplies for the hotel room such as healthy snacks, fruit, water, and other necessities.  Don't buy vending machine crap!
  6. Remember:  hotel irons and ironing boards are challenging.  Wear wrinkle-free clothing. 
  7. Take a pillow from home.  The rest fairies will bless you.
  8. Play ambient music at night to drown out any hotel noise.  Make sure to pack external speakers.  Deep sleep is a road warrior's best friend.
  9. Eat a balanced breakfast, a large lunch, and a small dinner.  You will be more productive at work and sleep better. 
  10. Work out! Find a gym and healthy restaurants close to your hotel BEFORE you fly; otherwise, you will succumb to fast food frenzies...guaranteed.
  11. Carry a water bottle to work.  Shun sodas and too much coffee.
  12. First time at the worksite?  Make sure you rub down the keyboard and equipment with disinfectant wipes.  Bugs love to travel.
  13. Adjust your chair, cables, and keyboard ergonomically.  Body aches are not part of your bill rate.

Reader Comments (2)

Finally, a non technical blog post :-) Those are great tips. Thanks and keep them coming!

August 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSean Gregory

Blog stuff excellent, I am living it so much, Thanks for sharing this tips......

August 23, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPack and load

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