Edward Leno — Developer, Tester, and QA Expert


  • Honors degree in Computer Science from the University of Alberta, Canada.
  • Over twenty years combined experience as a Qualtiy Assurance specialist and developer.
  • Founded Solution Maniacs in 2008.
  • International work in Canada, the United States, Germany and Mexico.
  • Diverse clientele from industries such as financial, healthcare/insurance, security, technology, government and retail.


  • Large repertoire of test tools and test types.
  • Object-oriented problem solving skills that create efficient, maintainable and extensible solutions.
  • Proven track record of thorough documentation allowing consistent and clear collaborative efforts.
  • Teaching background includes LoadRunner, QTP, WinRunner, TestSuite and Quality Center.
  • Aided in the set up and implementation of a worldwide testing facility enabling performance testing capabilities anywhere, including offshore teams.
  • Experience testing both internal and public-facing applications.


  • Advisory, technical, teaching and time management expertise. 
  • Known for creating and utilizing innovative testing strategies with an emphasis on automation.
  • Extensive experience in highly secure and highly regulated environments.
  • Keen sense of observation combined with a fine-tuned ability to accurately diagnose and prescribe solutions using a dialogue-based, business-centric approach.
  • Uncanny ability to connect with others and adapt testing and/or teaching style to compliment different learning styles.
  • Proven talent to adapt quickly to new challenges: extremely motivated, organized, trustworthy, dependable and resourceful.
  • Able to impart personal experiences about how to solve complex technical problems, how to address business risks through testing efforts and how to lead QA teams.

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