SQUID 1.1.1 Readme – March 10, 2013


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This file provides the following information about SQUID 1.1.1:


For more information, please go to www.solutionmaniacs.com/squid.


What Is SQUID?


SQUID - Simple Queues of Independent Data




Contact Information


Solution Maniacs, LLC


P.O. Box 47479

Tampa, FL  33646


Phone: 813.230.0776

Fax: 813.200.2323

Email: info@solutionmaniacs.com


Installation and Configuration Information


Prerequisite Software


Specific software needs to be installed before you can install SQUID.  When you run the SQUID installation wizard, if the prerequisite software is not already installed on your computer, the wizard detects which software is missing and provides the option to install it.


The following prerequisite software needs to be installed:


System Requirements


The following table describes the system requirements for installing SQUID on a Windows machine.  Note that these requirements are similar for a Load Generator in LoadRunner 11.0.



CPU Type: Intel Core, Pentium, Xeon, AMD or compatible

Speed: 1 GHz minimum

Operating System

Windows XP Professional SP3 32-bit and above

Memory (RAM)

Minimum: 1 GB

Note: Memory depends on the amount of data loaded into SQUID

Disk Space

2 MB

Screen Resolution

Minimum: 1024 x 768


Installation Steps




SQUID uninstallation can be done:


Getting Started


Starting SQUID


The installation placed a shortcut to the SQUID installation directory on the desktop.



Run SQUID Examples  


SQUID examples can be downloaded from www.solutionmaniacs.com/squid-examples.  The examples are no longer included with the install of SQUID.  This was done to enable updating and adding of new examples without deploying a new version of SQUID.



Using SQUID in Your Own Scripts 



Change Log







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